Send us your Cardinal Card Photo

Sample Cardinal Card Cardinal Card is your official Catholic University identification card. Cardinal Card provides invaluable services for your everyday life at the university, so it's important to have a great photo!

Providing a digital picture of yourself is easy! Just follow these simple do's and don'ts.

An ID Card photo follows many of the same rules that a driver's license or passport photo follows.

correct Do

incorrect Don't

We strongly recommend you upload a school picture taken by a professional photographer for your Cardinal ID card since it meets the ID picture requirements - no need to crop or adjust it.


Acceptable image

Unacceptable photos

Correct image overexposed image underexposed image Low quality/visible dots Out of focus
  • correct correct exposure
  • correct solid background
  • correct head and shoulders fill the frame
  • correct smiling
  • correct appropriate dress
  • correct correct dimensions
incorrect Overexposed incorrect Underexposed incorrect Low quality/visible dots incorrect Out of focus
  Confusing background image too small wrong dimensions
  incorrect Not a clear background incorrect Portrait too small incorrect Wrong dimensions

Having trouble resizing or cropping your photo?

Try using the free site You can upload a photo from your computer, crop, rotate, and resize, and download the result for use as your ID Card photo.

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